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I love Bridgette Jones, she was an icon for plus size girls who thought fairytales were for Size zero models. She was a chubby girl looking for love and I was inspired by her humor. As a chubby girl who likes to run, seeing the humor in things gets me through some tough situations. This blog is about victory for chubby girls, who love food, wear loose fitting clothes and make chocolate a part of their daily routine.

When I was 4 years old I had serious asthma, I was a wheezy, thin beanpole, who had to avoid drafts, breezes, swimming pools, the ocean, evening air, early morning air, cats, ice cream and other peoples germs. Except for the germ thing, I missed out on a lot of fun stuff.  I was still active, I did cartwheels, I ran, I climbed trees and fell off my bike and roller skates, but when I got a cold, it lasted 4 weeks and I ended up in hospital. My parents were concerned and over-protective, and I was desperate to escape the awful medication, the inhaler, injections etc.  So, at the age of 15 I threw my asthma inhaler out of a moving car and told myself this is bullsh*t. That, was the turning point. I wanted to RUN.

I tried to run but I got tired quickly. A pulmonologist told me I had “small” lungs, and poor lung capacity. It just made me more determined, but every time I tried, my  chest would wheeze like I was in the advanced stages of emphysema. By the time I was 29 my wispy frame had expanded by 18kg (39lb). I had more junk in my trunk than J-Lo or Kim Kardashian! I joined a running club for beginners. I was intensely annoyed when I was placed on a soccer field and told to run in circles, but I did it, and gradually those circles went faster until I “graduated” to the road! Oh glory days! It was like  a letting a horse out the stable, or to be precise, a tortoise. I had visions of running, a fluid elegant movement, much like Meb Keflezighi, but in reality I was plodding along like a Camel, navigating the Sahara in the midday heat.

Not much has changed since then, my camel like movements get me from A to Z, and I have learned that running really is mind over matter. It builds character, strengthens the body and soothes the mind. To every girl out there, I would like to encourage you.  Just ask yourself…What you gonna do with all that junk that’s in your trunk…


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  1. This is brilliant.
    Its so right that not everyone fits into the said ‘norm’ of a model size 0. I absolutely love Bridget Jones and your story of running is lovely. I only wish i could stick to it!
    Especially since right now I am taking part of a competition with Curvy Kate lingerie for girls with curves which is promoting all body shapes and sizes are beautiful. Your blog post certainly reinforces this and it’s lovely to see this refreshing outlook.

    This is more information on the competition if you’re interested:

    • Thank you so much, the pressure to be thin is enormous. After exercising so hard and careful eating, I just manage to stay healthy… thin is no where on they map and thats ok. Longevity and Health are really important and I applaud that you celebrate curves. All the best for the competition!

  2. Mels I have a mountainous load of junk in my trunk. I would have to have a blow out of a garage sale every weekend for a year just to get rid of the junk. But I’ve decided to be more realistic, take it slow and be kinder to myself. More often then not I start off with so much enthusiasm which eventually and too quickly turns into resentment and failure. So I’ve got a program now, I’m starting off with running for 1 minute and walking for 2 min, repeated a few times, 3 times a week. Then the following week I’ll try to run for 90sec and walk for 2min, repeated a few times. And then eventually build myself up so I can run for at least 30min without walking. I’ve learned that I need small goals that are easily accomplished otherwise I give up. So thanks for being an inspiration and being real about it. I feel encouraged to get my Bridget Jones junk fitting comfortably into my jeans again 🙂

    • Hey Lisa, so glad to hear you are taking it easy, it took me a while, but I just kept failing and it was awful. I have since realized being thin is unrealistic, being healthy is great. You have got a great program! I just saw your bikini pics! OMG what an amazing body! Girl, you and your sister have some good genes! Im struggle, for all the running I do, I still have a belly like Winnie the Pooh. But I would love to share some short cuts with you that really helped me. Running is either your “thing”or it’s not, while it does not tone your body, it shrinks your frame, and you don’t have to do long grueling stretches, just 20min 3 times a week.Thats how I do it, and some days I still walk one Electricity pole and run two poles…cos I just do not feel like or my body just tells me to p!ss off. I know you are an amazing swimmer, and you love the water, so swim on alternate days and run on the others (just 20min of running) 6 days of the week alternate running and swimming, the more laps you swim, the stronger your running. Take one day off for cheating e.g. Sunday (pizza, pasta, chocolate cake and wine) Monday to Saturday you eat like someone who has a goal.

      NO SUGAR (replace with honey), (NO KETCHUP & MAYO< BUT MUSTARD IS OK)
      NO WHITE BREAD,RICE OR PASTA, but wholewheat is ok (1 cup)
      DO NOT COOK WITH OIL- use cooking spray
      Eat every two hours apple/yogurt/some almonds (fat free yogurt and milk & egg white)
      veggies, & eat a portion of veggies with every meal
      drink two liters of water a day (NO FRUIT JUICE & FIZZY DRINKS)
      Do not eat heavy food (carbs) after 6h30
      BUY A SLAB OF lindt 70% dark chocolate or a bag of dark chocolate chips.and eat a block when you work out really hard or feel desperate

      FOLLOW RELIGIOUSLY FOR 12 weeks and body fat drops dramatically!It happens gradually,and after 2 months your body just looks really different. If you fall off the bus, just drop me a line… Ive been off the bus for a week now, eating properly, but not making eye contact with running shoes, dumbbells or workout clothes, but after seeing you in a bikini! Im somewhat motivated! Ha Ha!

      PS I have amazing healthy recipes, let me know if you want some! xxx

      • Thanks Mels, I’m going to try this.The only thing I do religiously on your list is drink 2L of water a day without fail and I’m not a fan of the fizzy drinks. I do howeverrrrrr struggle with the carbs, that’s going to be my biggest challenge.
        Yes, please send me some healthy recipes, I’m in desperate need of an alternative to just different variations of salad.
        By the way, I’m surprised you haven’t started a food blog, or have you? You know how to put a feast together, and I think there’s definitely an audience for some easy, TASTY healthy food. I think there’s a perception that healthy food isn’t tasty, that’s one of my barriers but I think it can be???

      • This is a very sensible plan and will get results. Sometimes weight is slow to come off, but it will. (The one day off is important especially at the beginning ). Walking may not get as fast results as running – but it also works. As you say, everyone can be healthy.
        Nice blog!

  3. Awesome Lisa, I wish I could drink so much water, don’t stress about carbs girl! Its sugar that’s the enemy, you can eat carbs, just make sure they are whole wheat. I will send you some (fabulous recipes!) If I get decent feedback, I’ll think about spreading the word, just drop me a line on things you absolutely cannot eat, and I will sift out those ingredients. See below my absolute fav!

    Turkey Wraps and Stir

    1. Large lettuce leaves/spinach leaves (to make wraps)


    2 grated carrots
    1 grated red apply
    chopped mint
    teaspoon of grated ginger
    juice from 1 orange
    chopped green chilli (optional)

    mix the above all ingredients to make a fresh salad

    Turkey stir fry

    Ground Turkey/ Chicken (extra lean)
    half a cup of chopped almonds
    low sodium soy sauce
    freshly chopped shallots/spring onion
    Non-stick cooking spray

    heat wok (hot) and and use cooking spray
    add ground turkey (make sure excess moisture evaporates quickly)
    as it starts sizzling add soy sauce and honey (to taste)
    Throw in almonds and stir fry until they are golden
    add spring onions and remove

    The best part – eat while hot

    Place small amount of turkey on lettuce leaf, add carrot salad, wrap it up and enjoy!

    If you want to make it substantial place ingredients in a wholewheat wrap 🙂

    Send me some feed back.

    PS alway cook so you have left overs. The turkey stir fry is awesome the next day just add a hand full of cooked whole wheat linguine, some shelled boiled edamame & strips of red pepper, stir fry for a few minutes – AWESOME!


    • Hey Kams! I just read fabmoms!Its awesome, I have obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder, I waste so much time on being a perfectionist, if my running schedule and studying schedule were half as disciplined, I’d be a great runner and an “A” student. As it turns out, when my house is untidy, I feel like I losing control. Far from asking for help, I do everything myself, then things are done my way, so my family is lazy and spoiled. I shall take a leaf out your book, and delegate a couple of things. I really need the help. xxx

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  5. running certainly builds character. And because of that I have kept going with the running. I’m a sucker for personal improvement and running challenged me. I was somebody who said “I’m not a runner, I can never run long distances” . Eventually when you run seamlessly like the first time I ran 5km without stopping,without the mind WAR GAMES that torture you at very step and breath, I felt incredible.
    Mels, that recipe sounds good, looks good (just read Lisa’s Blog) so on my list to try. I’ve just come off a small juice detox…so scouting around for healthy and delicious stuff. Agree with Lisa-a food/entertaining blog from you would be just awesome. A mouth- watering thought!:)

    • Leanne “war games” is the word! Girl today i ran for the first time in 7 days, and it was 40 minutes of full on negotiation, my body telling me “go to hell” and my mind telling me, “you got this”. Im so loving the healthy cooking… but it can get tough and it helps to share the laughs with others. Please try my “Italian wedding soup” its sooo health and yummy!

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